My Work

Communication, reporting, design and more...

Alexander Ranch, Inc.

A new website for Alexander Ranch, Inc., a sustainable producer of lettuce, herbs and microgreens.

Working as a freelance designer for Alexander Ranch, Inc., a California-based produce company, I had the opportunity to completely redesign their website.

Their original website was outdated and no longer reflected the personality of Alexander Ranch’s clean, modern brand. We worked to incorporate more large-scale images and individual product pages to showcase their produce during this complete visual overhaul.

If you’d like to compare my work with the previous version of their website, check out this awesome tool called the Wayback Machine.

Clean Energy in Madison

A collection of reporting and design made to educate Wisconsinites about local clean energy efforts.

As a student at the UW-Madison School of Journalism and Mass Communication, I wrote and designed a series of articles, infographics and maps about clean energy in the Madison community.

I created this project to fill a need — the need for Wisconsinites to understand the importance of clean energy. Understanding climate change, clean energy and sustainability can be difficult for people without a scientific background. In this series of reporting, I worked with clean energy leaders on campus to make these topics more accessible to the average Wisconsinite.

Badger Herald Reporting

Years worth of reporting on important topics impacting the UW-Madison student body from my time at the Badger Herald.

As a managing editor and science news associate for the Badger Herald, I authored dozens of articles about science, arts and news on campus.

My favorite beat was environmental news, where I was able to discuss clean energy, climate change, sustainability efforts on campus and pollution. In my scientific articles, I took a major focus on writing at an eighth grade reading level or lower.

The time I spent at the Badger Herald also allowed me to create strong connections with campus, city and state community members whose stories I worked to spread in my work.

"Just Wide Enough"

A short, thrilling documentary about Church of Go, an exclusive motorcycle club, that reveals the emotion behind the wheel.

As a student at UW-Madison, I planned, produced, directed, shot and edited several short videos. My personal favorite is called “Just Wide Enough: The Story of Church of Go.”

In this mini documentary, the leader of a motorcycle club describes his experiences riding in a group at top speeds and how close he has gotten to the other group members.

I’m most proud of the colors and emotional flow of this piece. 

Social Media Strategy

A full-length strategy detailing policies and goals for the use of social media at the Babcock Dairy Store.​

As the first full-time communications specialist for the UW-Madison Babcock Dairy Store, I developed a full-length social media strategy to plan my content calendar.

In this social media strategy, I outlined the store’s target audiences, communication goals, competitors, current accounts and content goals in detail.

The strategy was then used monthly to create new monthly content calendars and to generate content ideas for the Dairy Store on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn and more.

SJMC Summer Term

A series of posts encouraging students to join summer term courses at the UW-Madison School of Journalism.​

While working as a communications intern for the UW-Madison School of Journalism and Mass Communication, I had the opportunity to run a social media campaign.

The campaign consisted of a weekly post, which followed UW-Madison’s Summer Term branding and highlighted student perspectives about summer term courses. Most posts contained a short video interview of a former summer term student.

The series garnered positive feedback from students and performed well compared to other posts on the account.

Hook, Line and Sinker

An article and hand-drawn designs created to teach Madison residents about local fishing safety measures.​

During my time as a managing editor for the Badger Herald, I spent months interviewing local fishers and water experts to write an educational, newsworthy feature story about fishing safely in Madison.

None of the fishers I interviewed knew there were recommended limits for the fish they were catching and consuming to protect their health.

After the publication of “Hook, Line and Sinker,” the Wisconsin Department of Health Services posted more prominent signage along Lake Monona and published ads on the bus system to advertise the health risks associated with eating local fish.

National Ice Cream Month

In this month-long social media campaign, I encouraged user content submissions to generate ice cream sales.

While working as a communications specialist for the UW-Madison Babcock Dairy Store, I ran a month-long campaign which offered a chance at a $25 gift card for customers who submitted a photo of Babcock ice cream.

The campaign successfully generated over 6,500 impressions on Instagram and Facebook.

This campaign was used to drive web visits, in-store purchases and consumer loyalty. It was the first campaign of its kind at the Dairy Store.

Restaurant Recovery

An article featuring three Madison chefs' experiences after the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a community editor and food writer for The Dish, I wrote many articles about food in Madison. “Restaurant Recovery: How Madison restaurants handled the pandemic” highlighted challenges for restaurants during the pandemic.

It was important to me to spread these business owners’ messages — and to highlight a few struggling restaurants for Madisonians to visit.


My work as a photographer for myself and, including portraits, landscapes and more.

As a photographer, I love taking pictures of nature and people. Some photos are heavy with emotion and all are visually appealing.

My favorite way to explore a new place is through the lens of a camera, where I can find the small details that make it special.

I also enjoy turning my photos into art by layering and altering the colors using Photoshop.

Department of Public Instruction

Slideshows and web pages following brand guidelines to educate Wisconsin teachers and school administrators.

While working for the Department of Public Instruction as a communication specialist, I designed educational slideshows and web pages following brand guidelines.

Here is a webpage I redesigned to improve school administrators’ navigation to help resources.

Here is a slideshow I created to help school administrators navigate WISEdash for Districts, a database containing student information. To view other similar slideshows, click here.


A fake business designed from scratch, including a logo, business stationery and brochure.

As a student at UW-Madison, I learned advanced skills in the Adobe Creative Suite. In an exercise for a multimedia design course, I created a fake business called OrganizeIt.

For this business, I designed a logo, business stationery and a brochure following the brand guidelines I created.

My goal with this project was to reflect a clean, organized and simple business through my designs. The two-color blue and white color scheme allowed for simple, calm business materials.


Maps made using ArcGIS to highlight trends in locational data related to the environment and public institutions.

As a student at UW-Madison, I took a course on cartography and design. In this course, I learned the basics of ArcGIS and how to use Illustrator to create a map.

My favorite map I created during this course is titled “Shedding Light on the Power of Solar,” which breaks down the potential for solar energy generation in each U.S. state compared to the actual solar output per state.

This map was designed to educate classmates and others on the large potential of solar energy solutions.

Smoky Jon's

A proposed redesign for a popular local restaurant using a modern, bright and appetizing design.

As an exercise in a design class during my time at UW-Madison, I created a redesign for Smoky Jon’s, a local barbecue restaurant.

In this rebrand, I focused on updating the brand’s design and fonts to a more modern scheme. I used dark pinks and reds as well as distressed fonts to create an appetizing, grill-out feel to the designs.

While maintaining the business’ main themes, I created a new proposed logo, menu, website homepage, gift card and barbecue sauce sticker.

School of the New York Times

Narratives from my time at the School of the New York Times Summer Academy in 2019.

I attended the School of the New York Times Summer Academy in 2019 to study Creative Writing, Food Narratives and Pop Music.

After learning from a professional in each field, I created a food narrative and a short story based on my previous experiences.

This experience honed my writing skills and taught me to write more emotionally to draw readers in.