The Badger Herald

During my time as managing editor for The Badger Herald, I designed several print editions, infographics and more. One edition I’m especially proud of was titled “Hook, Line and Sinker.” I created all of the art and layouts.

Another edition I’m proud of is called “UW Women’s History,” which came out for Women’s History Month. Due to a last-minute change in content, I prepared the designs and copy for this cover and center fold in just eight hours.

Alexander Ranch, Inc.

Working as a freelance designer for Alexander Ranch, Inc., a California-based produce company, I had the opportunity to completely redesign a website.

Here is the link to their brand new website. If you’d like to compare my work with the previous version of their website, check out this awesome tool called the Wayback Machine.

UW School of Journalism and Mass Communication

As a communications intern for the UW-Madison School of Journalism and Mass Communication, I designed several flyers, advertisements and more. Here are a few of the designs that I’m most proud of.

Along with the rest of the flyer, I designed both of these campus and building maps.

Polk County

In a design course at UW, I worked with a group to rebrand Polk County, Wisconsin. Below are the designs I worked on for the project.

Employee Recruitment Brochure


During my time at the UW School of Journalism and Mass Communication, I had the opportunity to take a design course. In this class, I created my own branding for a fake business. Here are my designs.

Business Card


In a map design course at UW, I learned how to use ArcGIS Pro and Adobe Illustrator to create and design maps of many kinds. Below is some of my work for the course.

Smoky Jon’s

In another part of my coursework, I was assigned to rebrand a business of my choice. I chose Smoky Jon’s, a highly-rated barbeque restaurant in Madison. Here is a link to their original website, and below are some of the designs I created for a fictional rebrand of the restaurant.

Alternate Logo
Gift Card
Barbeque Sauce Sticker

During my time working for, I had the opportunity to design many of my own images. Some of my favorites are shown below.

Department of Public Instruction

While working for the Department of Public Instruction as a communication specialist, I designed educational slideshows and web pages following brand guidelines.

Here is a webpage I redesigned to improve school administrators’ navigation to help resources.

Here is a slideshow I created to help school administrators navigate WISEdash for Districts, a database containing student information. To view other similar slideshows, click here.